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Restaurant Refrigeration Repair Is Our Specialty



Restaurant Refrigeration Repair can become a time sensitive matter when temperatures on your refrigerated equipment are sub-par.  We understand this and realize that wasted time getting a refrigeration company out to your business could in fact, cost you business. Let Ark Refrigeration partner with your company to make sure your refrigeration equipment and reputation are protected with Arks experience and excellent customer service back to back.


restaurant refrigeration repairs


Ark Refrigeration and Kitchen will provide excellent service always using OEM part replacement on your restaurant refrigeration equipment, foodservice equipment and HVAC we service and repair. We represent and partner with some of the major leading restaurants and franchise owners but also service smaller chains as well.

Supporting our customers and maintaining the highest level of expertise on your restaurant refrigeration equipment is our number one priority. Our technicians are required and taught to “have the heart of a teacher”, explaining why the repairs or recommendations are necessary so that you can fully comprehend our approach in solving your refrigeration problem.

Ark Refrigeration and Kitchen was established in 2007  because of the growing restaurant and food industry market it presented. After much study, if was determined that customer service was lacking and in much need therefore the founders decided to revolutionize the industry as know and to set standards that would be duplicated and copied  to be used as a model in our industry as we know it.



       Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment We Repair


Pie/Cake Display
Reach In Freezer
Reach In Refrigerators
Sandwich Prep Tables
Ice Cream Displays
Refrigerated Cold Pans
Ice-Cooled Pans


Refrigerated Drop-In
Cold wells
Frost Tops
Soft-Serv Machine