Preventive Maintenance

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Refrigeration Preventive Maintenance Programs

Our refrigeration & kitchen preventive maintenance programs are designed not only to insure your refrigeration units and kitchen equipment operate consistently, but also that the equipment operates under optimal conditions which ensures the safety of your  food. If an operation manager or owner anticipates his refrigeration equipment to operate reliably for many years, preventive maintenance is a must. When equipment is frequently having issues, breaking down or doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s typically due to the fact that there has never ever been any type of preventive maintenance and repair except emergency repairs. Would you drive your car and never change the oil? Not ever check your radiator water level? Not replace the tires if completely worn? Refrigeration equipment is no difference and must be maintained continually for optimum performance and life longevity. Refrigeration Problems If Not Maintained:

  •  Loose debris caught in evaporator fan or condenser fan can cause serious damage to refrigeration equipment.
  • Clogged or blocked condensers will increase energy consumption the unit will have problems maintaining optimal temperatures.
  • Failing door gaskets sealing result in cooling loss, increasing energy consumption and  increase food safety risks.
  • Stop the need for emergency refrigeration repair services that effect your bottom line.



 Preventive Maintenance Facts and Why its Important

If your skeptical and need more facts to justify Preventive Maintenance, here is a great PDF to download by Don Langston @ Aire Rite Refrigeration that explains this.        


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Our Preventive Maintenance Programs consist of:


  • Walk-in Cooler, Reach-In Cooler, Freezers, HVAC and any refrigeration equipment you may have
  • Check all electrical for cut, frayed or damaged cords, contactor, check all connections
  • Check that fans do not wobble, or are out of balance
  • Clean the fan grills
  • Check  blower motor for proper operation
  • Clean debris off the fans
  • Check motor bearings for drag and noise
  • Check thermostats vs actual thermometer
  • Check for proper condenser fan operation and clean if needed
  • Check defrost cycle to insure that cycle is operating properly
  • Remove all ice from freezer coils if present and recommend to prevent further damage
  • Clean all drain lines
  • Check airflow inside unit –Check stored product is not blocking air flow to the Evaporator coil
  • Check temperature setting against thermometer
  • Check operation of doors Check seals around doors
  • Check heat strips and door tension.
  • Check for even airflow and temperature through-out walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Make recommendations

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