Customer Discounts

customer discounts


Our “New Customer Discounts”

Provide 10% Off Your First Visit!



How to receive your new customer discounts?

Just call! We want to give you a introductory discount for using our refrigeration repair services. Receive your new customer discount when you mention you saw this ad and we will give you 10% off your first visit. We want to retain you as a customer and we are eternally grateful to be able to have the chance to prove our services are worth their weight in gold so we want you to have this 10% discount now. Call us and let Ark be your primary refrigeration repair company!

Did you know that all non-profits receive 10% off all repairs and services all the time? Find out here!


Our Customer Discounts

We get asked all the time if we offer discounts. The simple answer to this question is yes! We offer 2 different types of customer discounts but terms do apply . They are: